About Us

RDC Group is an international enterprise with branches in the UK, USA, Malaysia, India and China. RDC Group focuses on broad applications that solve challenges in research, development, production and education regarding computer software and hardware, information system, prepress, publication, education, laser vision tracking system, fiber sensor system, optical communication products, and electronic products.

RDC Publishing, founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of RDC Group, is a leading, media-rich, information-driven prepress company that has established a tradition of excellence in serving the needs of the publishers, both internationally and locally.

As an extension to the desktop publishing applications, RDC Group formed a team developing barcode products. The lead developer has decades of experience in AIDC fields, especially engaging research and development in barcode creation and application techniques.

The first products are under the name AccuBarcode consisting of a set of barcode software products. The major product AccuBarcode Pro is a versatile encoder providing graphic designers quality barcode graphics in EPS format. The software has two flavors running on Windows and Mac OS respectively with identical functionalities and it focus on accuracy, easy to use interface, sophisticated features, broader inclusion and timely updates.